Test Scores

Central Christian Academy uses the Terra Nova 3 to assess our students’ learning every year. The test is taken in the spring by our Kindergarten through 8th grade students. It measures achievement in reading, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, vocabulary, spelling, and other areas.

The Terra Nova testing is published by CTB/McGraw-Hill and has set the bar for the highest standards in research, item reliability and validity, and technical quality. Click the button below to see our current scores:


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Skill Assessment

The TerraNova offers multiple assessments to measure important higher-order thinking skills as well as basic and applied skills. These assessments generate norm-referenced achievement scores, criterion-referenced objective mastery scores, and performance-level information. The subjects tested on include Reading, Language, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

TerraNova Complete Battery provides detailed diagnostic information. This series of assessments generates precise norm-referenced achievement scores, a full complement of criterion referenced objective mastery scores, and performance-level information.

TerraNova Survey is an abbreviated version of the Complete Battery and provides a general measure of achievement with a minimum amount of testing time. The Survey generates norm referenced achievement scores, criterion-referenced objective mastery scores, and performance-level information.

Finally, TerraNova Plus Tests provide in-depth information about students’ basic skills. Use them to measure important skills in Word Analysis, Vocabulary, Language Mechanics, Spelling and Mathematical Computation. The Plus tests are used for additional diagnostic information about your child.

Breakdown for the TerraNova Tests

  • Reading – Oral Comprehension, Basic Understanding, Analyze Text, Evaluate and Extend Meaning, Reading and Writing Strategies and Introduction to Print

  • Language – Sentence Structure, Writing Strategies, Editing Skills

  • Mathemetics – Number and Number Relations, Computation and Numerical Estimation, Operation Concepts, Measurement, Geometry and Spatial Sense, Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability, Patterns, Functions, Algebra, Problem Solving and Reasoning, and Communication

  • Science – Science Inquiry, Physical Science, Life Science, Earth and Space Science, Science and Technology, Personal and Social Perspectives in Science and History and Nature of Science

  • Social Studies – Geographic Perspectives, Historical and Cultural Perspectives, Civics & Government Perspectives and Economic Perspectives

Source: www.testingmom.com