Penngift Foundation

The mission of Penngift Foundation is to help donors provide scholarship assistance to families with children attending Christian and private schools.

Q.  What is the Penngift Scholarship?

A.  The Penngift Foundation manages Central Christian Academy’s  Scholarship Organization (SO) program. Penngift receives donations approved E.I.T.C. (Educational Improvement Tax Credit) businesses.

 More Information about the E.I. T. C program

 The Penngift Scholarship is the disbursement of those donations to eligible families based on current income guidelines.

  Q.  Who is eligible for the scholarship?

A.   Any Central Christian Academy student, including students with a disability, who reside in Pennsylvania, who is a member of a household with an annual household income of not more than $85,000 except that an additional income allowance of $15,608 is permitted for the student and for each other dependent.

 Q.  When are we notified of the amount?

A.  Families who were approved for the Penngift Scholarship will be notified at the end of December.

 Q.  What is my responsibility for payment plan?

A.  Families must set up a payment plan through FACTS management by June for the preceding enrollment year.  Your payment plan will be adjusted after the scholarship is applied to your account.

 Q.  How do you apply?

A.  Apply online via FACTS Grant & Aid Application. The open date is March 1st and the close date is September 15. The application fee for 2019-2020 is $35.00.

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