In the spring of 1980, Rev. Ralph Volpe, Senior Pastor of Central Assembly of God, had the vision for a Christian school.  After examining several Christian schools and going through much curriculum, a course of operation was established.  His son, Rev. Richard Volpe, was hired to be the head Administrator of Central Christian Academy. 

In 1981, the Family Life Center was ready to house the new school.  The school building, complete with ten classrooms, a library, offices, kitchen, and a gym, was to be home for Central Christian Academy. 

In 1981, Central opened its doors to educate its first students.  That first year, there were twenty-four students that attended Central Christian, and a grade configuration of K – 9.  Several of the classes were combined.  There were four full-time teachers.  The total school budget was $32,000.00.

The school grew, and the second year went to tenth grade, with forty-eight students.  
Rev. Richard Volpe continued as Administrator, and after the third year, and an enrollment of 60, became the children’s minister of Central Assembly of God Church.

Don O’Hare was hired as Administrator in 1984.  The fourth year of operation saw enrollment increase to 90, and the next year to 130.  More teachers were hired, and eventually we had one teacher for each class.  Two rooms above the kitchen and new office space were added.  In 1994, Central Christian Academy was granted full accreditation by the International Christian Accrediting Association.

In 1997, a computer lab and a teacher’s lounge were added to the school.

In 2001, the classrooms were networked together with the office.  Also that year, Central Assembly of God voted to expand its facility on McGovern Road.  The addition was completed in 2003. 

In the fall of 2003, after nearly 20 years of service, Don O’Hare resigned as Administrator, and Rev. Stephen Getchell was selected to take his place.  Rev. Getchell served the school for one and one-half years. 

In December of 2004, Rev. Getchell was elected Senior Pastor of Central Assembly of God Church, and Don O’Hare returned as interim Administrator until July 2007.

Kate Fisher was hired as administrator in July 2007.

The school is currently at capacity with almost 250 students ranging from nursery through eighth grade. 

God’s faithfulness has been apparent in providing finances, personnel, and a facility.  It is the continued purpose of Central Christian Academy to honor Jesus Christ, believing that an education in which Christ is central will influence the entire course of a student’s life. 

May God continue to bless Central Christian Academy, as we look to the future.