APRIL 6, 2019

Doors Open  4:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the attire for the event?

This is a casual event, held here at the school in our gymnasium. Most everyone who attends is dressed casually, jeans are fine.

I am not able to spend a lot of money at a fundraiser, why should I come?

Admission is FREE. A-lacarte meal items are available, and are priced comparably to a meal at a casual dining restaurant. Tickets for the raffle are available for purchase, for less than $1 a ticket. The bake sale has affordably priced, for purchase, individual treats. This is a fun night out and is a lovely time for you to invite friends and family to come check out our school!

What is the timeline for the event?

Do I have to attend the whole time? Doors to the event open at 4:00 pm. The live auction begins at 5:00 pm. The event wraps up at approximately 7:30 pm. The class auction items are auctioned off during the 5:00-6:00 pm hour. The Kids Activity Room is open from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm. You do not have to attend the whole time, and people will be coming and going throughout the event.

What kind of food items will be available?

Brox BBQ will provide food for the event, featuring their delicious pulled pork, cornbread, coleslaw, nacho’s and mac ‘n cheese.

Additionally, CCA has a Fancy Bake Sale at the auction featuring a variety of home-baked goods such as cookies, confections, cupcakes, pies, whole cakes, muffins, breads, and tortes.

Where can I sit to eat at the event if I am not sitting at a Sponsor Table?

There will be cafeteria tables set up near the kitchen windows in the gym where you can sit and enjoy your meal. Additionally, there are rows of seats set up in the middle of the gym for people who would like to watch and/or participate in the live auction.

What is a Table Sponsor? Table sponsorships are available for purchase by local businesses or families. The sponsorship tables are hosted by a CCA volunteer who has decorated that table with the specific sponsor in mind, and includes seating for 8, up close to the live auction action, and Brox BBQ meals for each of these 8 guests. Four levels of sponsorship are available:

  • Platinum level ($400 donation) includes a full-page advertisement in our event program, signage at the event, and a sponsor table for 8 guests.

  • Gold level ($300 donation) includes a half-page advertisement in the event program, and a sponsor table for 8 guests.

  • Silver level ($200 donation) includes a business card size advertisement in our event program, and a sponsor table for 8 guests.

  • Bronze level ($100 donation) includes a business-size advertisement in our event program, and a half of a sponsor table for 4 guests. Letters to share with businesses to solicit sponsors are available from Kelley Swift by emailing kswiftcasa@yahoo.com or calling 412-334-3363.

What happens during a LIVE Auction?

At 5:00 pm, auctioneer Tripp Kline and MC Tony DePalma take stage in the center of the gymnasium and begin the live auction. The live auction is fun to watch, even if you are not bidding. Class projects will be auctioned off, as well as high demand items such as sports memorabilia, overnight trips and a few auction baskets. The auctioneer will yell out proposed prices and see if anyone is willing to bid. You make a bid by putting a paddle in the air with your assigned auction number. These paddles are available at the registration table and do not cost anything to obtain. If you are the top bidder, you purchase the item you bid upon for the final price. You pay for your item at the registration and check out table at the entrance/exit to the event. We accept cash, check and credit card.

What are the class auction projects?

Each class at CCA creates a group art project that is auctioned off. The homeroom parent of each class selects and directs a project such as a group painting, photograph, book, etc… which the students in the class create. These items are then auctioned in the live auction portion of the event.

What is a silent auction?

A silent auction is where there are items or baskets on a table in the gymnasium, which individuals can bid on, by writing their name on a provided list and making a bid of what they are willing to pay for that item. You can “out-bid” others by making a bid on the paper to pay more than they are willing to pay. The silent auction begins at 4:00 pm and goes until 6:30 pm. Payment is as described above under “live auction.”

What is a ticket raffle?

In the ticket raffle, items and baskets are displayed, along with a bag (one for each item or basket) for you to place purchased tickets in, to try to have your name/number drawn to win the item. Tickets are available for purchase at the registration table, and at designated areas in the gymnasium. Tickets are available singly for $1, or a sheet of tickets for $10. Winners are drawn at 7:00 pm, and the winning ticket will be stapeled to the bag. A listing of the bags and winning numbers will be posted at the end of the ticket raffle row. You can take your winning item with you after confirming your winning number with the designated CCA volunteer.